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About Me

Who am I?

I watch people…

That’s where I’ve found it…

Behind the veil of all that worldly struggle to find perfection, there is a world created out of thought fibres and blood. Behind the suffocating silence, the gagged conscience is wailing and creatures that use our bodies as vessels to penetrate the material world are whispering. The soul fights its never-ending fight with the one who judges our actions.
Skeletons of suppressed emotions emerge from the depths.

The pungent stench of wounds that have never healed and the foul salty taste of human suffering fills the air. The decay of autopsied thoughts.

This world fascinates me. I no longer wish to capture what we learned to call “beautiful”. The world I see is wild, expressive, often crowded with exploding energies; sometimes, it emerges and disappears as quick as a thought, sometimes — the thought lurks in the darkness, as a predator waiting for his prey. Nothing is definite, all borders dissolve and penetrate the space of reality, often in form of almost unnoticeable signs.

This is what I capture in my works. Quick expressive strokes, the dominance of dark colours with red accents, the anatomy of demonic or mythical creatures, skeletons. Sketches that lead the spectator from an abstract feeling towards the material realization of what controls the emotion.

It requires courage because we are taught to eliminate the evil and elude it. Are you courageous enough to look it in the eyes?

If you are interested of my work, check out my portfolio.


Education and work experience:

1999 – 2003: School of Applied Arts, Conservation and Restoration branch of studies (hanging picture and wooden sculpture)

2005 – 2010: Master studies in Arts

2010 – 2012: Teacher at Private Primary Art School in Ružomberok

2014 – present: Artist

Creative activity

2010: Solo painting exhibition, Horný Šariš Educational Centre, Bardejov (Slovakia)

1999 – 2012: Participation in collective exhibitions

2011:  Solo painting and drawing exhibition, Krosno (Poland)

2012: Solo painting and drawing exhibition, Iwonicz Zdrój (Poland)

2012: Solo painting and drawing exhibition, M++ Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia)

2012: Art Symposium, Znojmo (Czech Republic)

2012Pecha Kucha Night, Znojmo 2012 (Czech Republic)

2014: Solo painting and drawing exhibition, Back to the Metamorphoses of Silence, Brno (Czech Republic)

2014: Solo painting and drawing exhibition – Extracts from Other Worlds, Brno, (CZ)

2014: A collective show at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery, CA

2015: Solo painting and drawing exhibition at Hyaena Gallery, “The World Behind My Soul”, California (USA)

2015: A group dark art exhibition at the Gallery Provocateur, “Curioddities”, Chicago, IL, USA

2016: The Cauldron: A Beautiful Brew, group show, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

2017: RED exhibition – emotion in color, group show, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

How do i work?

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