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Portals into Soul

Project #3: PORTALS INTO SOUL (2012), Pasáž Gallery, Iwonicz Zdrój

The project Portals into Soul consists of two equal parts, the first part being the series of drawing studies  Portréty z duše/The Portraits from the Soul created by the pen-and-ink drawing technique. Smaller-sized drawings serve as a prerequisity for large-scale paintings, yet high quality of the former is sufficient to consider them independent artworks.

The line serves as the main construction element, the author uses it to create volume. The composition remains central, emphasizing the existential anxiety which emerges from the individual “portraits”. In the artworks named  Charaktery/Natures, Portrét pravdy/Portrait of Truth, Reinkarnácia/Reincarnation, Môj maznáčik/My Pet, Na úteku/On the Run, Hnev/Anger the viewer can observe the author’s gradual transition from drawing to painting. The artworks combine the techniques of both drawing and painting. The project culminates in a series of large-scale artworks named Vypätie/Exertion, Si na mňa pripravený?/Are You Ready for Me?Profil nekonvenčného umelca/Profile of Unconventional Artist and Svetlá budúcnosť/Bright Future. Apart from the figural drawings which preceded them, these artworks are characterised by quick and courageous painting gestures, expressiveness and vigorous colour symbology. The author recedes from the vaguely defined tangles, yet Titan Aliens remain the main motif – naked, slightly deformed limbs as the depiction of our “Selves”. Their identity remains unknown. Faceless monsters fill the whole area. Pecho uses linear structures shaped like spirals to perfect the background, relishing the artworks with a speck of experimental feeling thus reinforcing the overall effect of the scene.
The last artwork Svetlá budúcnosť/Bright Future spins slightly out of the concept of the project implying the further course the author is taking, not only for its name, but also its very nature.